“My first customer was an agay who came straight from his village. We refused the money he tried to pay for the cup of tea, but instead asked him to pray for our business. There were many challenges due to lack of experience in the field. We started with only 3 employees. At that point, a plate of momos didn’t cost more than Nu. 20. Raw materials were cheap, but prices eventually rose. Now, our momos are Nu. 80. They were Nu. 70 before the pandemic, we had no choice but to increase prices because ingredients became more expensive.

No business succeeds without struggle & through mistakes we learn. Perseverance is key. My main target was momos, so any time I visited new places & meet new people, I’d gather ideas about food. I’d ask different people about their momo procedures & recipes. While making them, we kept track of what worked & what didn’t. We’d also collect feedback from our customers.

Everything relies on the right amount of ingredients. If the measurements are the same, the product will turn out the same, regardless of who makes it. The first 8 or 9 years were tough. We only survived because rent was cheap. As time went on, our recipes were well-developed. I now have 17-18 staff. When we first started, there were very few restaurants selling momos. Now there is a lot of competition, but everyone knows where Zombala is. March 2020 was tough. We lost a lot of money, & had no income at all. I had to pay my staff out of my own pocket.

It is also my duty to pay taxes to my government & the country, & to employ as many people as I can. This is what I consider serving my country. During COVID, I didn’t apply for Kidu. My opinion is that I know what His Majesty & the country have done for me, so this is my turn to contribute to my country. I have no other businesses, & I am happy as long as my children are educated.

Education is a weapon. I might not be very qualified, but through my practical experiences, I’ve come to understand the potential of education. Without a weapon, every training will be futile. Likewise education is a weapon & no matter what occupation you have, being educated is a huge advantage to those without.”



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