“My earliest memory of art would be from when I was a little kid, I saw my sister and brother making sketches and I used to copy them and doodle in their books, walls, cardboard and every place I could find.

I was born and raised in Thimphu. My parents would go to work and my sisters and brothers were off to school, so I was all alone with my dog, a couple of pencils and a sketchbook. A little doodle here and there and my scrap book gave me something to live for.

In school I was more into sports- table tennis and basketball were my favorite. I spent a lot of time with sports and my parents were also supportive of it. I was pretty outgoing back then.

All that changed after I reached high school. I lost all interest in games or going out with friends. I locked myself up and hid from people. I didn’t like being in crowds and communication became scarce. I still find it hard to talk or socialize a lot, especially with people I just met.

Hiding from the world, I discovered my own self. Spending a lot of time with yourself paves the way for a hobby or if fortunate, a lifelong passion, which was the case for me. I started with an art journal. When I look at it now, it brings back memories of times when I truly felt alive. I used to win prizes for art competitions in school but my parents wanted me to prioritize studies over art even though it was the only thing I truly felt connected with.

After high school, I joined VAST (Volunteering Artists Studio Thimphu) and I got the opportunity to participate in an art exhibition that they conducted. This was an important moment for me as it made me certain about what I wanted to do with my life then on. I once again saw hope for my passion. To me, art is not just about colours on canvas or making a picture look pretty. It’s about capturing the soul and emotions on paper and making it come alive. Art is seeing beyond the plain vision. Art is everything! I can’t imagine how the world would be without art. We need art to add flavor to our lives and change our perspective on the little things.

We are truly blessed and grateful to His Majesty for providing us the space for portraying our love for art and to the founders, Azha Kama, sir Jampel Choeda and sir Phurba for starting the first ever contemporary art center in Thimphu. It is an honor to be a part of VAST and I am forever indebted to VAST. It is through them that I got to exhibit my artwork both internationally and within Bhutan.

Currently, I am a university student learning to be a visual artist. I wish to nurture the creative youths of Bhutan and help them explore art and appreciate its beauty.”


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