“Being a scout helped me reinvent myself. I had to withdraw once because I didn’t have enough to pay the fee but six years later, fate called at me. I then became a Rover Scout. I went on to be a community-based scout now and also a member of the Druk Khelang CBS troop. Being a scout has taught me Being a scout taught me to respect and heightened my sense of patriotism. I have been able to carry out a lot of projects for underprivileged people with the help of donors. I helped build homes for people of the Tshachu community, organised blood donation camps and did border patrolling when the pandemic came around. Scouting is about generosity, loyalty, and benevolence. I was able to fund scout fees to send underprivileged students to various camps. I organised a tour for 20 such students from remote schools to go to Paro and Thimphu for education and exposure.

It has helped me gain experience and develop strong ethics. I get to meet young people with brilliant minds and a strong resolve. I get to learn and grow as a person. Volunteerism and participation make us better people. My enthusiasm in the field has shown me many opportunities and success. I have been able to travel and win awards. But above all is being able to pass on the values I have worked on, to young people. All of my wins, success and titles add more responsibilities onto me. And these responsibilities encourage me further.”


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