“I bagged the title of ‘Best Female Vocalist’ in 2015 for the movie Baeyul. From a very young age, I was really interested in singing and playing instruments. My family realized my passion and always supported me, especially my sister who played a huge role in my musical career. I was in 2nd grade when she brought home a guitar. She also taught me my first chord and together, we composed a song. During the day, she’d learn music from school and by night, she’d teach me. It implanted a lifelong passion in me. In college, I got more serious with music- I knew my paths were set.

A day before she left for Australia, my sister slipped in the toilet and hurt herself badly. Being a strong person, she left anyhow but shortly after reaching there, she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer- It left us devastated. However, she continued her studies along with the treatment. This inspired me to write the song ‘Jab Migi’ which talks of hope and perseverance. When she heard the song, she got emotional and even had mixed feelings, but in the end, I knew she was proud of me.

I kept singing and performing for movies and shows. After RCSC, I qualified for PGDE in Samtse. While studying there, His Majesty was on tour to the southern districts and we organized a show for HM. Our performance was highly appreciated by HM. Praising my voice, to the Zimpoen, Their Majesties gave an order to present me with a rare guitar. The Zimpoens are said to have looked for it in multiple countries and still couldn’t find it. It was the same guitar brand played by singer Ed Sheeran. When it was finally found, I was presented with this precious Soelra. The sound of it was the best that I’ve ever heard.

Their Majesties grace and kindness gives me the inspiration to strive for more. Today on the 114th National Day, I am privileged and honored to be performing for His Majesty and the Royal Family at RIM.”

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