“I never thought I’d come back to Bhutan after schooling abroad. I had a good job, but as things happened in my personal life, I made a drastic change and moved back home. I always had that sense of responsibility to give back to my parents. Giving back to my community was also important.

I went from a desk job in New York to work for Chuniding in the field, training from the bottom up. My mum and I worked on the ground, connecting well with our staff. I helped with everything from carrying deliveries to preparing raw materials. You have to know how to do it all. Communication was an issue because my Dzongkha isn’t very good, and being so young, people didn’t take me very seriously. My mum started to push me, and now I go to more interviews and events.

At first, I kept saying this was temporary. I only came to terms with it in 2020. After working with my mum for 7 years her passion rubbed off on me. Chuniding started as a restaurant since my mother was passionate about reviving Bhutan’s culinary arts and His Majesty’s goal of self-sufficiency. As we started focusing on ingredients, I didn’t know if we had a market, but my mum said we would create the culture ourselves. We try to create a farm-to-table lifestyle, a circular economy that gives back to the nation.

As the first company of its kind in Bhutan, we’ve grown steadily. Word of mouth and customer loyalty has allowed us to succeed. We have 22 female and 2 male employees. My mother was very adamant about Chuniding having a social work commitment. Most of our staff didn’t finish high school and half of them are single mothers. We provide them with all housing and food, as well as childcare for the mothers so they can become more financially independent.

I’ve been very lucky with supportive friends and family. As my mum said, do you want to work under somebody, or build something and be somebody? 4 months ago I branched off Chuniding and took over Bhutan Chips. Now, I split my time between those two and finishing my MBA. You don’t have to love the job you do from the start. You learn to grow and appreciate the work. Be practical, put in the work, and things will work out.”



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