“I’m fortunate to have never been under the extreme pressure of being the eldest in the family and as a Gup which to begin with was never my aspiration. However, due to the scarcity of educated individuals in the village, the elders insisted that I take on the responsibility and thus in 1992, I started my career as a Gup at the age of 25. Even with my minimum level of literacy, I was considered highly valuable which clearly shows how important education is. Regardless, I was still a young man and apprehensive about people’s reception. I was unaware of many other things too. With assistance from the elders who, however illiterate, but sound in many other things, I somehow managed.

The difference I could see as a Gup before and now can be compared to the sky and the earth. I started with a salary of one thousand with no offices or documents for work. All we carried was a piece of paper and worked from home. We had occasional meetings with the people to convey government information but that was it. Now, we stay at the office all the time and conduct programs often. Additionally, we yield a lot more power than we did before along with all the responsibilities. The importance of local government cannot be underestimated since His Majesty himself emphasized the impact it has on the people. They are the ones more connected with the people than anyone else. I’ll always cherish the people’s support. The people know and appreciate my efforts and continue to do so even now, which never fails to lift my spirits.

I advise the youth to make the most of their education and do something that benefits them and society. They don’t always have to start from a high post but rather from scratch and eventually build from there with experience and wisdom. In the end, even if they cannot serve the country, they should at least take care of their body and mind. The parents too have to be mindful of their child’s actions so they will not stray on the wrong path. I truly believe that one cannot escape from their own karma and in life, everything depends on it. It is something one cannot control, what one can control, however, is the choices we make and the path we take.”

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