“Initially, I only planned a short visit to Thimphu, but seeing the work-hard-play-hard culture of the people here, I was hooked. Seeing no point in staying idle, I decided to call Thimphu home; If I wanted to make money and enjoy life to its fullest, this was the place to be. And, If I could do well here, Life really was in Thimphu.

I worked hard all my life. In the board exams during class 10, I’d practice and revise my lessons about eight times in preparation. I was not one to waste valuable time. For this reason, I wasn’t sad when I could not get higher scores. In fact, knowing that I tried my best, I was satisfied. It was after high school in 2017 that I left my village of Tendruk and settled in Thimphu. Although it was way different from where I came from and I often lost my way in the streets, I adjusted. My first job was at a sawmill. Handling dangerous machines kept me on my toes and prevented me from getting into an accident. I worked there for about 3 months before I got my current job as a salesperson at a hardware store.

Working at a sawmill and a hardware store were two completely different experiences. I’d say that I got a broad understanding of business while working as a salesperson at a hardware store as compared to the sawmill which was quite technical.

Our family didn’t have a proper place to call home, so with the money I made, I bought my parents a plot of land in Samtse. With the remaining savings, I settled on my own but then a year ago, I lost everything to a house fire; my phone, Nu.12,000, and belongings worth 3 lakhs. Following the fire, I was mainly thankful that no one got hurt and felt that there wasn’t much I could do other than move on. I now live with my neighbor and was lucky enough to be one of the recipients of the kidu from His Majesty, which helped me out a lot. During these trying times, I’m extremely grateful to His Majesty.

I think we should work hard and have fun with whatever we do in life.
In the future, I want to start my own business; maybe a hardware store or a Pann shop, that is mine.”

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