“In January, I got the call to get enrolled in a company; Excited, I prepared for it when the lockdown happened. When it was lifted, the vacancy was already taken. I looked for other jobs but my grades proved to be a hurdle. I sat down and called 2021 the unluckiest year for me, lined with rejections— in jobs and even love.

Not giving up there, I started doing surplus works from my friends who worked in private firms. They’d pay me for it. As a freelancer, I did electrical installation and designing in buildings, which I was passionate about since college. Learning from the class, I remember sitting down in my room later and applying the knowledge of fixing the switch. I felt accomplished. Then, I started studying and investing myself more in Electrical Engineering. When things felt like going better, my parents got divorced. Eldest of the family, I felt sorry for my siblings. I remember watching other people with their families, complete, and realised that mine wasn’t. Ama would occasionally talk to me and reassure us of her love. When I went to Apa, he did the same. However, the feeling of a complete family was absent. As the year passed, we accepted the split and my life became the focus.

I believed in my skills beyond the ones I got in college. I started to offer my service in electrical fixations and designing. During the lockdown, my mental health took a turn for the worst. All alone at home, I started to overthink. To prevent any damage, I needed to find something that I loved and enjoyed doing. I started learning knitting and crochet, which allowed me to make new things, born of my interest.

Looking back at my life, I saw that I was always in a rush, comparing with others and losing myself in between. I realized this when I volunteered for a cleaning campaign held by Revive Bhutan. I met people, went places, and learned new things. Becoming more positive, my own problems didn’t seem so big. I’m learning to be happy through the choices I make. Right now, I’m an intern at BPC and I enjoy it for the platform it gives me to learn as an Electrical Engineer.”

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