“I started playing football with friends in class 1. I wasn’t great at it but played every day on the roads with stones marking the goal post. After class 3 my family moved to Pasakha, a colony with a football field. My passion reached new heights as I was surrounded by people who shared the love. As soon as school was over, we’d rush to the ground to start the game. We collected Nu.10-20 to place bets. We even bet on marbles, postcards, and beer-bottle caps. Every team had a leader, I was ours. We even organised tournaments with other colonies.

Since I was a good player, the people from the factory would invite me to play day tournaments with them in India. When we won, there’d be celebratory beer for them and miranda for me. I was introduced to the tactics that got me more interested. I dreamt of playing for my country. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the U-17 national team selections. I was on a cultural exchange program in India.

There was no scope of earning with sports so although my parents appreciated my talent, they insisted I focus more on school. I kept playing, balancing time. I was the games captain in high school, played numerous local tournaments, and won most of them. I got a sports scholarship for high school and even got into college. There I played for the college team. I met many other players at the university games. I learned from them and improved immensely. I play as an attacking midfielder. In college, I played a full 90 minutes for most games.

I graduated a year late because of back-papers. During the gaps, I played in the Gelephu district league and got into the BOB Premier league. It turned out to be a blessing. The players there were more skilled, technically sound, and fit. I did my best and got compliments that motivated me. I even got asked to play for a team.

But once again I must wait for the right time to become a national player. It’s time to go back to college. My plan is to clear all my backpackers and prepare for the next season. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try out for the national team next year. My love for football will never end.”

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