“When I’m asked what I want to do in life, I say “I want to build a rocket for my country.” Technology has always fascinated me. When my parents bought me a toy car, I’d take it apart to try adding new features. I surrounded myself with motors, wires and electronic tools, unintentionally making the path to my future.

In 2017, I visited FabLab in Thimphu with a dream to build a model rocket. I was awestruck by the equipment and engineers and spent my entire vacation there. I was introduced to robotics and started to learn programming, coding microcontrollers and handling equipment. I went back whenever I could. In 2018, I was chosen for Bhutan’s first ever National Robotics Team. We participated in the First Global Challenge—an international robotics competition between 192 countries in Mexico City. I was the youngest in a team of 5. I learned a lot from my teammates, the fabricators and engineers there. I was inspired greatly.

On my return, I started an all-student robotics team called Bhutan Tech Force Club. My vision was to be able to share what I knew and to grow together. The team has represented Bhutan in several international competitions: Yantra 7.0 International Robotic Competition, World Robot Games 2019 and 2020 and Yantra 8.0 International Robotic Competition. Luckily, we have been able to find sponsors to help us travel for competitions so far. We won Bhutan’s first ever Robotics Outstanding Performance Award and also worked on Build Bhutan’s first isolation-room food delivery robot. We’re currently working on a Near space data collection system for weather forecasting, atmosphere and pollution monitoring, remote sensing and photography.

Besides robotics I enjoy cooking, vlogging, traveling and reading technology articles. I am a student so I do what I can to manage my time. I often come across people who are sceptical about robotics. I think we need to be more supportive of budding talent in our nation and be open to new ideas. To those with a passion- be consistent, ambitious, courageous and keep pushing your limits. When it comes to something you love, the question is never whether you can do it but how you will do it.”


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