Ugyen Delma

“I graduated from Gedu College of Business Studies. Now, I’m a vegetable vendor in Paro. When my father retired from the RBG, my mother decided to sell vegetables and fruits to help sustain the household. During vacations, I’d help her and so when I graduated college, I wanted to join in. They wanted me to attempt the RCSE first. When it didn’t work out, I didn’t bother looking for other jobs. I wasn’t interested in an office job. I remember my friends wanted to become doctors or engineers but I never knew. Thankfully my parents never forced me to choose.

When my mom started the business I wasn’t very fond of it. But that changed with time. My father now does the house and fieldwork and my elder sister has joined in with us. A major upside is that we have control over our own time. Hard work, however, is essential. I always go to work a bit early and home a little late. We’ve recently shifted to a temporary shed and pay Nu. 2000 a month for 2 spaces. We’ll be here till the new tshoedsay throm is ready. We fully depend on this business and the extended lockdowns have become a serious problem for us.

I get looked down on a lot as a woman vegetable vendor. They say I’ve wasted my college education; I wonder why people do that when we earn our own livelihood. Increasingly more people are unemployed and live in the fear of what society will say. Our people go to foreign lands and earn respectable money as janitors or babysitters but our society doesn’t value similar work here. I’ve chosen to never let these people bring me down. All that matters is that my family supports me and I’m doing my best. 

I’ve developed as a person. I am more patient and also know more people now. If I ever change my job, I’ll definitely continue in the business sector. If you’re standing on your own two feet, you must take pride in it.”


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