Tshoki Darling

“I started making TikTok videos in 2021 when I went to Gasa as a dancer. I was fascinated with the application since we never knew about it. Many were inspired and now we have plenty of people in Laya who create TikTok content.

My 5 siblings and I lost our father while we were still very young. My mother had to raise us on her own and at times, we even had to go without meals. If I had studied I would have been able to participate in the local government and achieve something in life. My sister lives in the mountains at Jangsa with her husband. She married at the tender age of 13 and ever since, she has been living there. I don’t intend to marry since I’ve seen married couples always engaged in arguments and they don’t seem happy.

I travel a lot to fulfil the requirements at home and as a woman, it’s difficult since I also have to do the house chores. My dream of becoming a doctor faded after dropping out in middle school. Whenever I see a doctor I envy them but at the same time, feel saddened that I couldn’t be one.

Women still lack the confidence to enter politics so most participants are men. And people also think that the elders are the only ones capable of running the local government. But if we really look into it, there are women and youths, more talented than the elders. What they lack is the push to do something different.

The Highland Festival was a golden opportunity for us to meet His Majesty and on top of that, we were able to rent our houses as homestays. We got to showcase our unique culture and also sell the items. However, garbage was an issue during the event and the lack of motor roads made it even more difficult to manage the waste.

My advice to the youth and women is to come forward, and dare to do something which hasn’t been done before and break stereotypical assumptions.”

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