“Some days, clients would enter my office with folded hands and eyes full of gratitude while other days, they’d come with expectations and demands even before registration. In 2012, my husband & I went to Australia to study on a scholarship. There was hardly anyone studying privately. In the years that followed, friends and relatives would seek our help for the application process. Back then, there weren’t any services like this in Bhutan so I started an NGO to help Bhutanese gain opportunities that will help them to go overseas for college.

Before we came, I used my savings to tour the whole of Australia, and spent weeks in every major city, visiting universities’ campuses. In some places, I only got to peep through the gate. I wanted to know these places well, before convincing students back home to start a life here.
When I came home, a few education consultancies had already opened as private businesses. Opening it as an NGO wasn’t possible now.

It took too long to register an education firm, so I even started working for the Loden Foundation. When I finally got the license, I decided to run both the firm and continue with my job.

Everyday, at Loden, I’d read hundreds of business proposals, stacked on my table. They gave my life meaning as the aspiration of youths amazed me. I’d work at my firm, even during off-hours, hardly taking a break. Both were equally important to me. After 4 years, the number of people harboring educational dreams in Australia had hugely increased. So, I quit my job to fully focus on my firm.

In the 9 years of my career, my firm overcame many challenges. Some clients were from disadvantaged backgrounds, and this made me extra careful to never mess up an application process. When they got their visa, the joys in their family’s faces became my personal success. To those who couldn’t continue their education despite good marks, we started giving them scholarships.”

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