“When we do not listen to the people around us, we eventually lose them. Everyone in today’s world is busy with our own lives, and oftentimes we forget to listen. I am someone who is interested in helping others. In the reality of things, I know it is not possible to do big things every day so I try to, at least, listen. I give my full attention to friends when they want to share something. I know it may not make a big difference, but it may help them in ways we do not realise.

My mother taught me about karmic action when I was young. She also taught me to help without expecting anything in return, among other important lessons that I now carry as my core values. The mixture of fear and values that she instilled in me has shown me a way of life. I can’t say that I do good everyday. But I try my best to never ignore somebody who is in need of my help. If I am able to help in any capacity, I do it. I enjoy volunteering and I also joined the Scouts, which was the perfect course of action for me. Being a scout made me watch my actions even more than usual. I learnt about the Good Turn which means we each take turns doing something good. This was something that has made a huge change in my life. It motivates me and compels me to do something good every day, for the scarf I wear.

It is a fact that we do good to feel good. I am no different. I do the things I do to feel like I’m making a difference. I think I do my best to see the world I wish to live in. But even if done with a selfish motive at times, an act of kindness is still an act of kindness. I hope that I can keep volunteering, even when I get a job. In whatever way possible, I hope to continue my good turns all through life.”
#InternationalDayOfPeace #humanstory


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