“I always believed in love, that I would find someone special. So when it finally happened, I was more pleased than surprised. We were from opposite sides of the world and we met online. It was not easy to build a relationship based just on intuition but our connection felt real. Both of us stayed up late, talking over video calls. This went on for almost a year. That whole year, he didn’t travel anywhere and saved up to visit me. We planned to fly to Thailand and spend some time together. I was so happy when we finally met. We had spent a lot of time together, and although it was virtual, we knew each other well. After that trip, he came to Bhutan. We eventually had a traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremony.

I then started applying for my visa to the US. We were excited to finally start our life together and believed that it would all work out. But my visa was denied. We were shocked. I asked around to see if anyone could help, especially those who had acquired visas to the States before, but people were reluctant. They openly expressed their disapproval of our relationship. Some said I only wanted to get into his country. I was surprised and hurt. But he made sure I wasn’t upset. We struggled a lot to get the visa, but our prayers were eventually answered. Our relationship grew stronger each day. We were finally able to live under the same roof and we now have a 9-month-old son. We are a team and a good one at that. Our relationship was tested – mostly because people thought we were too different: in our colour, religion, and language – but our trust in love got us through. Choose your partners wisely. Good looks, compliments, and money do not make a good partner. Your partner should treat you and your family with love and respect. My husband is kind, humble, and caring. Staying up till 5 am every morning to speak to him was worth it. Patience is important in making a relationship work. The waiting is temporary, the person and love is forever.

I remember the first time I saw him in person. He was at the airport in Thailand, waiting to hug me and at that moment I thought to myself, ‘That’s my man. I love him.’”


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