“Dad passed away when I was an infant so my siblings and I were raised by our mother. I couldn’t go to college because my class 12 English marks were not very good and my family wasn’t financially stable either. However, I got into the mechanic course at the Khuruthang TTI. I’m someone who enjoys practical work rather than theory so this was great for me. I’ve learnt that there’s much more to mechanics than people’s prejudiced assumption that it’s only about repairing broken things. We play an important role in the production of all machineries. Unfortunately as soon as I completed training, the pandemic started.

Right away, I decided to join Desuung & my family wholeheartedly supported my wishes. Keeping aside my concerns to find a job, I started the training. There I was faced with new faces & unfathomable physical challenges. Most people said that the training is torturous, however, His Majesty the 4th King’s word of wisdom always rang in my ear; “It’s always one’s will that will get all big things done.” To me, the punishments in training were just as important as the training: it taught me how to push through the difficulties with determination and courage. I’ll never forget the lesson we had on guns. Until then, guns were just a thing in the movies for me. But there, we were trained to handle them and shoot. It was a thrilling experience. I even learned the importance of time; every second was valuable & it’s imperative that we spend it wisely.
Being a desuup isn’t as easy as it may seem. We have to deal with people who don’t comply with rules, it’s hard to make them understand that the orders come from above. Those who do cooperate are such relief especially in a pandemic.
In the future, when Covid situation improves, I’m planning to explore & study further in mechanics. For now, I will continue to serve as a desuup as long as our country needs us.
You have to do everything while seeking opportunities which may not come by again. Don’t let life make decisions for you, be the one in charge and be strong enough to follow through.”
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