“Ama had cancer & during one of her visits to the hospital, I also came to the capital for the first time. I was in the 4th grade then. I was sitting right next to her when she passed away and the last words Ama told me was to live a good life. Apa raised me since then. I completed my schooling from Punakha & got a scholarship to study at sherubtse. This was a proud moment for Apa who couldn’t stop bragging about it to the whole village. It was hard for him to fund my education alone & my elder siblings came to help. I’ve always loved singing & working in films. As a child, I saw films being shot in my village & it sparked my interest in them. Even the late filmmaker Tshering Wangyel was a regular face there.

After my 6th grade exam, I got a rare opportunity to be in a talent hunt show. The organizers were auditioning for kids who liked to sing. I took part in it. I got through & was called to Thimphu. Apa dropped me till khuruthang & before I left, he asked me to behave well & talk to people nicely. At T/phu, we’d all practice hard & give our best performance. I’d make a lot of mistakes, especially with Zhungdra & boedra, but thanks to the organizer, sir Mila Tobgay, it was an amazing experience for me. After the 4th round, I couldn’t make it further. Surprisingly I wasn’t sad. I could go back to a village full of kids who came for their vacations & play with them. As a child, it didn’t matter to win but looking back, maybe if I’d tried harder, I could have been more successful with my singing.

However, the saddest moment in life is when Ama left us. Apa broke down and by the sight of it, I couldn’t stop myself. But life went on. I made some of my happiest memories in college. With my education done, I’m hoping to try my luck in the movies. Our house was built with the help of kidu and we are forever grateful to His Majesty for that. Dad works in the village and I worked temporary jobs to support the family. For now, I work in the construction sites, hoping to be independent before I land a good job. I advise young people to not waste their time and learn things such as singing, music and filmmaking in their spare time.”

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