“As a child I maintained a reading log of every book I finished, and used a dictionary to find new words. Whenever I wrote, I referred to this list of my new favourite words. In high school I maintained a diary capturing all my feelings in words. I soon realised that this was not random. It was my passion. I wanted to write and share with people but feared mistakes and criticism. An amazing writer I knew told me to just do it. He edited the first poem I ever posted online. And so I started, wary but excited. I wrote about personal experiences. I wrote motivational stories. The more I wrote, the more observant I became. I joined groups on Facebook to post my work. People began to notice what I wrote. They said it made them feel better, that it inspired them. There were, of course, those who criticised me and my work. I decided to use these comments to my advantage. I worked on what people felt I could do more about. Soon, I opened my own page. My writing evolved. I started writing creatively about social issues. I wrote these from someone else’s point of view, embodying different identities depending on the story I was writing.

Whenever I get writer’s block, I simply stare at a picture or read a line. That one picture or line brings up questions, which in turn bring ideas. I grow these ideas with my imagination and catch hold of every strand of this scenario worth noting. Writing can change the world for the better. We can share parts of us with the people around us. I want to use the power of my words to convey positive messages. With a little effort and a set of words, I can change the way people see things. I think that’s pretty amazing.”


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