“Growing up, my parents ensured that my brother and I lived a normal life, devoid of any harsh challenges. They would teach us how to talk to others, be kind, and also be positive-minded. They weren’t strict but not liberal as well. However, when alone with Apa in a room, he’d always remind us how lucky we were to have Ama in our life: truly, she was a kind and compassionate person. Perhaps, it was their love and guidance that enabled my siblings and me to grow into such thoughtful human beings. In lower grades, some of my friends stayed as boarding students. Seeing them getting homesick, I’d to make ezay at our kitchen and take it to them.

Since my younger days, I only wanted to become a doctor. As time progressed, I lost interest in Science and this eventually led to me opting for Arts. I felt ambitionless. However, taking one step at a time and working through my exams, I made it to college; it was where some of my best memories in life were made. During the vacations, I interned at a bank and liked the experience so much that I wanted to find a banker’s job after graduation. However, the lack of vacancy there meant that RCSC exams were my only option. At Thimphu, I stayed with my cousin who ran a printing business under Norling building. Helping him whenever time permitted, I got to interact with people and some of them were really interesting. After the exam, I applied for the contract teaching at Mongar and got selected even before my results got out. Taking the job, I was really happy but nervous as well; I was going back to Mongar, my old school where I’d probably meet my old teachers too.

It was a new beginning for me. After 2 months of working there, the RCSC result came out and I was selected for PGDE at Samtse. My students there gave me a lovely farewell before I left for my training. With some experience and skills from teaching in Mongar, learning to become a teacher for me got easier and more exciting; I was able to improve what skills I had and even learn new ones.

Currently, I am on vacation with my parents. Through my experience, I have learned that teaching is a fun and lifelong learning career. I’m glad to become a teacher soon.“

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