Tshering Lham

“My parents were only farmers but they still educated all 7 of us. But in grade 7, apa got sick suddenly and was diagnosed with cancer later; By the time we found out, it was too late. Every day since then became a rollercoaster ride of emotions seeing him become frailer and smaller—different from the man revered by the whole village. It was one of life’s greatest lessons; time doesn’t stop for anyone, not even for our superhero.

In school, I was a regular topper but it soon changed. Apa moved to Thimphu with my elder brother for his regular checkups and every Saturday, I skipped school to see him. My elder siblings took turns taking care of him. After more than a year of treatment, and turning into a man’s shadow, he passed away. Regardless of the tough circumstances, I managed to qualify for government school.

After high school, I wanted to go to college. But everything moved online because of the pandemic. I wasn’t sure anymore. Since childhood, I dreamt of becoming an air hostess and DrukAir was hiring at the time. I got through the first round but due to covid, the recruitment was cancelled. My sister encouraged me to apply for a position at T-bank. I got shortlisted and was even ranked first in the interview selection. I chose to work in Thimphu from various options and it has almost been a year now at T-bank. However, I plan to continue my education soon.

I can’t help but regret that I wasn’t able to do anything for my father. He is my life’s greatest hero. For the time we spent together, I haven’t seen him fail in anything that he sets his mind to. As his youngest, I think he would be proud of me today. At 21, I could help my mother and not depend on my siblings.

I constantly seek to improve myself and look up to others who are ideally at a point where I want to be in. We face many obstacles but that’s the beauty and charm of life. My dream to work as an air hostess is still alive and I want to achieve it. I am strong-willed and I know what will make me feel satisfied at the end of the day!”

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