“When I was younger, I had no idea what body shaming meant although I was body shamed. Because of my chest being big, people threw around negative comments. I only realised how badly I was being body shamed when I reached high school. Whenever I danced during celebrations and gatherings, people commented on the way I looked. These were both adults and my peers. I soon started feeling like they were watching every step I took. I was insecure while talking to people and resorted to wearing baggy clothes to hide my chest. Some laughed at my body. I cried the whole night. I tried to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. Even though I was insecure, I tried my best to remain calm and always hoped for the best.

A few months ago, I uploaded a dance video. There were a few girls who created a group and shamed me on there. I felt attacked and hurt. I shared this with my friends and also some people I consider my personal counsellors. Although talking about it helped, my insecurities had gotten larger. I skipped my meals as a desperate attempt to make my chest flat. I even gave up dancing. I am a good dancer but in these moments, it felt as though this talent was a curse instead. Then one day, I stumbled upon another story about body shaming shared on this page. It really inspired me. She was so confident about her body and this gave me hope too.

I now realise that there is nothing wrong with our bodies. I hope that we can stop judging people for how they look. You may find it fun to body shame someone, but it can really cause damage to a person’s self esteem and self image. Parents should also educate children more on such things. In a moment of utmost despair, I found a light. I am grateful for this. I will never give up dancing for anyone ever again. Instead, I will enjoy dancing every chance that I get without any hatred for myself or my body.”


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