Tshering Dorji

“I was a Gomchoen until my elder brother returned as a teacher to our village. As his cook, he’d teach me English alphabets. Soon, the headmaster made me a student after seeing my interest and since then, I’d top the exam every year. When my brother transferred to Gelephu, I also moved with him. Following the problems in the south, our exams were canceled and I enrolled in Simtokha to learn Rigzhung. Every vacation, for the travel money back home, we’d read prayers at people’s homes. I got into Paro College of Education and after 4 years, my first job placement was in Lhuentse.

After 7 years serving as a Dzongkha Lopen, I applied for an open interview for school principals. I got through and was sent back to a school in Lhuntse. Despite its remoteness, I liked the place due to its warm-hearted people.

However, the kids were often pulled out of school due to a lack of support from families. By enrolling under HM’s Kidu and sending them out for winter programs, the dropout rates were massively reduced. My next school was in Tsirang. When I reached there, to my shock, the school was still under construction. Writing proposals to UNESCO, I secured fundings to construct the majority of the infrastructure. Upon completion, the ex-principal had also returned from his studies. Between us two, the villagers were asked to vote and I was chosen.
Over the years, I observed that our Lhotshampa community placed a lot of importance on academics; The students were rarely absent and the parents never missed social works in school.

In my next transfer, I was told it’s in ‘Thimphu’ Dzongkhag. I hoped for a school near town but to my amusement, it was in Lingzhi. However, I had no complaints and was ever ready.
In 2016, the Lingzhi primary school had no electricity, and tents were used as classrooms. As it’s principal, I saw major developments occur such as construction of hostels, classrooms, and even staff quarters. In 2018, when Lingzhi was electrified, our student hostels even got heaters from the donors.

Rural development is crucial for any country to prosper and for a teacher, it is a big opportunity to serve and fulfill the visions of His Majesty for our country.”

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