“People know me as a travel vlogger/blogger. I first dreamt of this while doing my master’s thesis on tourism literature. There was very little literature on travel in Bhutan and even fewer written by Bhutanese. I believe in ‘Bhutan First’. So I wanted to contribute to Bhutanese Travel Literature. After completing my masters I struggled to identify my higher calling. To get out of my head, I started solo traveling & hiking around Thimphu. I realised this was how I could promote travel in Bhutan by the Bhutanese. The first destination I went to was Phobjikha. To get the local travel experience, I took the bus which cost me under Nu.100.

The want to share my educational and fun travel experience was how my vague idea became a travel blog. We had seasoned bloggers already but not many focused on one subject. I would focus on Travel. I soon started video-logging or vlogging. I was no expert but wanted to create digital content that would reach a wider audience. I spent 2 years creating digital content and gaining followers & it was not until my facebook account and page were hacked that I realised how vulnerable we are in the cyber world. I was devastated having lost 2 years worth of hard work. If only I had 2 admins for my page, I could’ve retrieved my account easily.

I started to share my story. I thankfully found someone from the Philippines who’d help me retrieve my page. It took me about 3 months and a trip to the court to get my Facebook notarised to finally get my page back. The person genuinely just wanted to help and didn’t even ask for money. It made me wonder ‘what if ethical hacking was legal here?’ I now have 3 trusted admins for my page, I log out of my account diligently and have enabled 2-factor authentication. Changing one’s password frequently and not sharing one’s phone can also help immensely.

We get emails and messages with links promising rewards that aren’t safe to open. Circulation of photoshopped video clips is another rising concern. We must advocate for keeping ourselves safe because cyber security is not about computers, it’s about human behavior and human error. There are no boundaries in the cyber world.”

In this cyber security week, Humans of Thimphu in collaboration with Bhutan CIRT and Department of Information Technology & Telecom, Royal Government of Bhutan envision more safe cyberspace for everyone.

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