“I had a dream to become a Doctor, an Air Hostess, or a Lawyer. In the end, I had to give them all up because I was weak in my studies. But whatever I did, my parents always supported me. In all the confusion of who I was to be, we had a teacher in school. This teacher inspired us to be who we dream to be. It was then that I realized I wanted to become a career counselor. My father encouraged me in my pursuit. In high school, I took Arts and in college, Sociology.

Through Sociology, I got to learn about volunteerism which I found to be more important and enjoyable than a regular job. After college, I tried for RCSC but couldn’t make it through. I then started doing internships wherever I could find. The pandemic hit and I was left without anything to do. My friend suggested I do a live talk on counseling. Aside from a few obstacles, I was able to answer people’s questions on topics such as sexual harassment among others. I realized that people held in many emotions and needed a safe place to express them. I was also able to give a virtual talk to youth in Phuentsholing on similar topics.
I eventually joined work at a consultancy but it was not what I loved. So I left and approached many places even though they had not advertised any job vacancies. Fortunately, I found work at Nazhoen Lamtoen as a counselor. Through this work, I was able to handle cases that had positive outcomes with our help. Providing financial support as well as mental and emotional support was something we could achieve.

As a counselor, even a small positive change for one person is an achievement. My senior counselor always said, ‘The richest person on earth is the one who is full of hope. The poorest is the one who has no hope at all.’ I carry this in my heart wherever I go. It keeps me going. It also inspires me to keep giving myself love and hope, as I do to others around me.”

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