“Football and dance have been my lifelong passion and dream since childhood. However, one of the most regrettable experiences in my life was my attempt to smoke marijuana. In 2015, when I was in the seventh grade, I tried it for the first time and had a panic attack. I feel the same kind of hangover even to this date.
I suffered from a condition that often left me disoriented, causing me to lose track of my surroundings and become lost in my thoughts in an instant. Struggling with this ailment, I sought help from the school counselor, who referred me to the district hospital.
Despite receiving counseling there, my situation has shown little improvement. Even after completing the 12th grade, I found myself experiencing the same symptoms as I did five years ago. I even turned to veganism out of fear, yet nothing could help me get out of my dying thoughts.
I acquire this condition when I have family troubles, when I hear someone has committed suicide, or when I’m alone in a dark area. With this troubling condition weighing on me, I confided in my mother, who was terrified. She took me to Mongar Regional Hospital.
Following a consultation with a psychologist at the hospital, a treatment plan was devised, necessitating my return every two days for four months. The psychologist’s intervention significantly alleviated my distress and improved my well-being. The haunting thoughts of death that had plagued my mind were gradually dispelled.
During that period, I experienced improvement in my well-being and came to understand that I was suffering from dissociative depression. Although I couldn’t go to colleges after high school, which left me disheartened, I found solace in joining Dessung and dedicating a significant portion of my time to Dessup duty while proudly serving my country.
As I prepare for my upcoming journey to Kuwait for employment, I find myself apprehensive about my ability to manage the condition that has been affecting me. I am anxious about navigating this challenge in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by people I do not yet know. I wonder who will be there to support me in this unknown environment.
Coming from a financially disadvantaged background, I am facing considerable difficulties financially. I have made efforts to address this issue with the earnings I receive from my Dessup duty, but unfortunately, it’s not enough to send support back home to my parents. At best, it barely covers my own sustenance.
One of my close friends, who received the same counseling and meds as me, recently hung himself in the toilet. This made me worry a lot in many ways. After all of these meds, I realized that the best way to beat this sickness was to be cheerful and stay busy. Hearing that there is no such thing as a dead case of depression was a profoundly uplifting and reassuring moment in my life.
My message to the victims of these disorders is to share all of your views, regardless of what others think. There will be someone who understands you. I am grateful to my friend Namgay Wangchuk. His presence feels like a lifeline that rescued me. He understood me and the unwavering support he has provided have been a source of immeasurable comfort and strength for me.”


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