“Taekwondo came into my life in class 6. Everyone was into martial arts movies at the time. In school I would often see my seniors practice Taekwondo. A combination of the two sparked my interests. In May 2009, I participated in my first tournament. I beat my first opponent easily but my second opponent was faster and stronger. I didn’t win any matches for 3 years. In the 4th year, I reached the finals of an inter-school Taekwondo competition. Using techniques I learned from my masters, I gave it my everything. It was a long match but in the last moments, I delivered a kick to my opponent’s head and scored 3 points. I had won the tournament. After that, I won more medals and got opportunities to compete at national level.

This new experience was overwhelming. 16 of us were representing Mongar. I lost the first match there. Our competitors were on a whole other level. Our confidence dropped. We went back, trained harder for the next round and our team eventually won the tournament. We were the champions that year and stayed in the top 3 the following years.

Most people think Taekwondo is boring, but I disagree. It is not only fun but an opportunity to learn self-defense. You also get to make a lot of new friends. I’ve always wanted to be a national player but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I still am happy that I gave it my best and enjoyed every bit of it. I will not give up; if not a national player, I aspire to be a coach one day.

The struggle with being a female Taekwondo player is that it is difficult to get the support you desire. My family was always worried I would get hurt and they were against it. People’s mindsets have changed with time and it has gotten better, but girls still hardly take up the sport. One important thing I have learned from my journey is that it is never too late to learn anything new. I encourage everyone to go and follow their dreams.”


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