Tshering Bidha

“When I was younger, I always wanted to become a pilot. In my high school, I took mathematics and somehow ended up taking B.Sc. Environmental and climate studies at CNR. I love what I’m studying, and it has made me into a person concerned about the environment and climate change. Time at college passes quickly; Weekends are packed with club activities and group discussions. Despite all workloads, I feel fortunate to have good classmates, especially girlfriends who make time to explore and have fun. Graduation day is approaching and I have so many tasks to accomplish ahead. So I’m excited and anxious at the same time.

When our college conducted the 16th National Training of Trainers for YPEER, 35 of us got to attend it. The 5-day-training allowed us to interact with knowledgeable facilitators and some of the best people. I found friendship in even those I found rude before and bonded with old friends. Moreover, I gained knowledge and built on my confidence and self-esteem. After that, I did my internship at the Department of Renewable Energy (DRE) for 2 months. However, with the pandemic, we did work-from-home for nearly a month. Learning about renewable energy’s efficiency, conservation and promotion aided in my understanding of the energy sector in our country. Further, we experienced a healthy working environment; Our supervisors made sure that we followed our work plan and we could clear our doubts by approaching anyone. I am extremely grateful to the DRE team for the productive and warm stay.

Becoming a Civil Servant always seems challenging to me by passing PE and the main exam. With anticipated reforms, it may become extra challenging. Perhaps, people of my age group are moving out of the country for this reason. Before I opt for further studies, I aim to join the civil service first. However, I’d like to encourage everyone, to keep doing what you love to get where you wish to and be responsible.”

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