“Our relationship was mostly long-distance at the start as we were in different colleges. But the good part of all this was it made seeing each other more special and worth waiting for. Both of us believed in finding the absolute right person. So we didn’t rush. We took enough time to get to know each other before deciding anything. Then one day, when I finally felt ready, I held one of her hands. It was 5 years ago, on one of our first dates. We were going to meet in the morning to enjoy the view from Changangkha Lhakhang. I was bringing breakfast and she, some coffee. In the taxi, I felt nervous. I still remember that the classic ‘Hey Love’ was on the radio. When I got there, I realised she was nervous too. But I felt at ease once we were near. I couldn’t help thinking about how beautiful she was. We have come so far since that day.
People look for many things in a relationship these days; money, popularity, attractiveness. The two of us do not live fabulous or extraordinary lives. But there is so much more to being together that we’ve learned to value. There are so many special things. For instance, the moment when we are about to part, we silently and wordlessly prepare ourselves to be strong. I find this moment to be one of the purest ones we share. I love the way our lives came together, the way the universe brought her to me. I know this sounds fictional, but I saw her in a dream the day before I met her. She shares all her deepest thoughts with me. She chooses me every day. She stays by me, and we share our dreams and lives. I am so grateful for that. I’d say, look for nothing else in love but love, and you will surely find love.”


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