“The most important ingredient to volunteerism is true passion. I used to volunteer with RENEW around 2004, helping in awareness campaigns. So, by the time I was a teacher trainee at Samtse college, I had the heart of a volunteer. About 15-20 of us from the college did a cleaning campaign at the International Volunteer Day 2009 event at Tsirang for 5 days. This first big activity started me on the rest of my journey.

The same group then initiated a cleaning campaign all the way from Tendu to Thimphu. We fortunately found companies to support us, one travel company even sponsored a bus. The campaign took around 18 days and included us cleaning littered spaces we found and giving awareness through talks, slogans, and skits on a clean Bhutan. We collected over 100 bags of garbage that trip. A year later, we did it again – Samdrupjongkhar to Thimphu, covering over 10 dzongkhags in 24 days. Most of my fellow volunteers from these campaigns are still very active. One of them is a teacher in Samtse and has initiated development of school facilities such as sports grounds.

After my training, I volunteered to go to Lunana school. In my 1 year there, we cleared garbage that travelers had left on the way. As a teacher in Gyalposhing later, I led the volunteer club to do a cleaning campaign from Mongar to Thimphu. We also helped 1 week at the Wangdiphodrang Dzong re-construction. I’ve done this 4 times over the years. Most of my students are now passionate volunteers. I try to lead by example and never make them work by themselves. I suggest teachers become volunteers for we can inspire a whole generation.
My greatest strength is being able to coordinate activities. I have the potential and the networking skills. I find friends and good people anywhere I go. Listening to people and communicating always helps me gather people who’ll support me in my ventures. I wish to be able to conduct a nationwide cleaning campaign someday, a big dream but possible with the help of our Desuups.

I hope we’ll all start volunteering in our own capacities to build a peaceful and developed nation. We must keep the spirit of volunteerism alive!”

Humans of Thimphu wishes everyone a happy International Volunteer Day. A small act of volunteerism from every individual can amount to big development. We would like to thank every volunteer in the country and pray for this spirit to keep growing in everyone!

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