“In class 7, I’d pretend to be happy even when I was sad and only cried after bedtime so no one would know. Later, I resorted to crying in the toilet and came out looking okay and even laughed with my friends. With an attitude and ego problem, I used to quarrel with friends a lot and rarely spend time with my parents – I’d get upset over little things.

I joined the well-being sessions at our school and started practising mindfulness meditation. One of the things we did was note down our intentions to be more aware of them; After a week, my day’s end was met with feelings of achieving small goals. Our coordinator suggested that I let my emotions sink in fully and feel them throughout in order to get rid of them. That changed how I responded to my emotions – When feeling sad, I’d try to understand my emotion and think of how to improve it. And it worked. At times, meditating was hard. Sometimes, I’d break down in the middle of the sessions and feel hopeless. But when I realized that we meditate not to attain perfection but to just live, and appreciate what we have, even in a crisis, I just accept and say, ‘Today didn’t work and it’s alright! I’ll try next time.’

The Wellbeing program was really helpful and it has taught me a lot. My life was in full chaos; I lacked gratitude for the things I have in life and it was not easy to think of solutions to my problems. I wouldn’t say my life has changed completely now – I‘m still me – what really changed is my outlook on many things, both pleasant and unpleasant aspects. I’d always try to stay calm and take a couple of breaths. I start my mornings by thinking about the three things I am grateful for; It makes me a lot happier throughout the day because there is something that I can hang on to that actually makes me feel WOW! I have something to be grateful for.

As a boarding student, the little time I get at home, I try to spend less on my phone and more with my parents. I even try to help them. It made our relationship stronger. I even tried to get my sister to practice meditation.”

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