“I played football from a young age but only started getting serious in 2013. Our team took part and won a tournament that didn’t charge a registration fee. Later, I played as a goalkeeper for Under 16 and we won again. It was Acho Leki who trained and inspired me to become a goalkeeper.

When I got selected for the national team U-17, Acho Leki and the Druk Star head coach, Namgay even helped me financially. It was a proud moment for me when I got to play in A-Division and some international matches in Bangkok. 

Then, I made it into the U-19 and U-23, and played for the SAG championship as the First 11. Our team competed but couldn’t qualify for the AFC Asian Cup. Joining the football clubs such as Transport United and Druk Star, both teams won the BOB League and super league; these achievements helped kick start my football career. 

However, the first 5 years were full of struggles for me; Even with the best of my efforts, being too young prevented me from making it into the national team. I was always the second choice in my clubs, and a journey to the first 11 was a long one. When the team lost the President’s Cup in Mongar to the Penalty Kick, I felt like I couldn’t prove myself.

 I regret the time when I had to choose my board exams over the U-23 in SAG where Bhutan came second. However, when I became a part of the National Team for Bhutan, it was like all the years of hard work were finally bearing the fruits. My goal is to win an international tournament, and later to guide and train the youth when I switch to coaching. My advice for anyone who wants to make a career in sport is to work hard with utmost dedication and discipline.”

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