“When I first got married, I was working at the bank and we did not have anything, except a bedsheet to sleep on and a roof over our heads. Those were some of the most difficult moments of my life. After working several random jobs I joined as a National Badminton coach and did that for 10 years. That’s how the business idea started.

In 1998, I started my sports business in Phuntsholing. I bought goods from China and Nepal and also dealt items from the brand Nivia. Then in 2013, I shifted to Thimphu and continued the business for about a year but the customers were unable to afford the high prices. One day the Managing Director of Nivia, sir Rajesh Kharbanda contacted me and visited Bhutan. We signed an agreement and I became the Master Distributor for Nivia products in Bhutan. It was cheap compared to other brands and was durable as well. In 2014, we signed a partnership with the Bhutan Football Federation, as a sponsor. In 2017, we sponsored during the SAAF
game and launched the Astang Ball.

Nivia is a brand that has a hold in Europe with 4 outlets in England. Their football ball was also used in the La Liga. We have been coined an “iconic brand” in the international market.
It did take almost two years to be able to compete in the national market but now with the partnerships with BFF, it’s going pretty well. Initially schools were choosing lower priced brands but with marketing from BFF, we now supply to most schools. We also distribute to wholesale shops which is cheaper for them compared to getting their supplies from Jaigaon as we provide free delivery and waive the GST. Now, we distribute in 16 Dzongkhags with Thimphu being our largest market. The price, quality and approval from the international federation has made it a huge success among Bhutanese buyers.

I was also into garment manufacturing which has been pretty successful. The previous year, we invested about 49 hundred thousand ngultrums wholly in my previous football club and also operated the first women’s club in Bhutan with payment and facilities like hostel and school. This year our business has slowed down due to the pandemic but we hope that we will be back on track by next year.

After the divorce with my first wife, I realised the importance of money and that is why I work hard. I am not a materialistic person- I do not own buildings or properties, I drive an old car and spend most of what I earn for the club children who have aspirations in the sports field. If people like us do not support them, who will?

What I would like to say to everyone is please support the sports industry, especially women’s sports, as everyone needs motivation to move forward. You can do so by donating to various clubs that are in need of financial support; even one ngultrum makes a difference. Every penny earned from my business goes straight to the children’s sport support.”


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