“All my life, I was an exemplary student. After 12th grade, everyone expected me to study a decorated degree. However, when the scholarship call came, I took up culinary arts. I always loved to cook & as a kid, I’d experiment with different dishes by watching Masterchef. My family supported my choice. In college, being a top student, I was chosen to head a team to cook and serve a meal for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This rare opportunity humbled me.

For internship, I got the chance to work in a reputed resort in Dubai. It had more than 12 different kitchens & I was paired with a sushi chef. The work got so heavy. We had a shift of 14 hours straight.

Often, I’d be alone till 2 am & it got too scary in the kitchen. Any stray noise made me jump with fright.
Despite everything, I was getting by. Pleased with my work, Chef offered to create a position & hire me. However, as a scholarship student, I felt obligated to work for my country first.

That was when covid hit, & we were sent home in a mad rush. At Delhi airport, the scene was chaotic, and everyone was trying to make it home. When our flight landed at Paro, I was relieved beyond measure.

I considered RCSC but soon lost interest. Besides, I never aspired for a 9-5 job. To start off small, I created an instagram page that specializes in sushi and Korean rice takeouts. To my surprise the business did well & orders came all the way from Paro & P/kha.

Coincidentally, my mother was looking to close her clothing store; seeing how serious I was about running a business, she gave me her shop space to open ‘Wednesday’. At 21, I was handpicking furniture & kitchen stuff- I couldn’t settle for anything ordinary. After much hardship and waiting, the restaurant was finally ready. Mummy, my aunt & I became a team to run it.

Slowly, we saw a good number of customers. We even had expats who enjoyed the food and asked to meet the chef. Most of them were left wide eyed with disbelief when they saw a tiny person in the kitchen.

I read this once that when you do what you love, you’d not work a single day. So, always chase your dream- even if it’s just small steps, go for it.”

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