“My dream to become an army officer or an actor were on two extremes; I knew I’d have to give up one. Both needed a good body, so I started gyming in class 12, commuting every day to Bajo from Khuruthang. Slowly, I got used to it. Everyone said I was too skinny & I’d get TB. So, I looked for a mass gainer which was difficult to find at our place. Unsuccessful, I came to Thimphu. On my fateful quest to buy a mass gainer, I met Dasho Sangay Tshelthrim. He asked to see my body and told me that I could transform it by training. He was the first to see potential in me.

After 4 months of training with him, I saw a big change in my physique. People started to appreciate my effort. I tried for the army but didn’t qualify. So, I went to Sherubtse instead. People started to notice me there and I was asked for roles in various music videos. Soon, I gravitated towards acting. But I dropped out of college, came to Thimphu to train, and worked as a personal trainer. All the while, I was studying at RTC. For 3 years, I’d train clients every day before and after classes. Now, I’m a full-time trainer and even did a bit of acting in two movies. This helped me bag a nomination for the best actor.

Working out at the gym was expensive for me. Maintaining a diet in itself was a lot of money. But my family was supportive through it all and I’m forever grateful for that. I had not been much of a help to apa when he got sick. I was just too focused on my life and forgot to spend time with him before he passed away. Sadly, it can’t be changed now. Having that realization, I have plans to make a music video with the message to look after our parents when we still have the time.

I love my job. I’m able to help people transform their bodies. In the future, I’d love to get a degree in fitness and nutrition. You don’t really have to be smart to be someone’s superhero, you just need to be yourself. Sometimes, motivation can be difficult to come by, but with self-discipline, we can keep going.”

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