“I always wanted to become a teacher so after completing high school, I joined contract teaching. For the next 2 years, I made the best memories of my life. However, the government discontinued contract teaching by untrained graduates and I had to find a new job. I learnt about a course by MoLHR and signed up for it alongside some 800 other Bhutanese. We were trained to work in a call center in Delhi for 8 months. We learned the art of speaking and convincing customers over the phone to buy our products. When we first started training we were told that we worked for computer repair. But as time went by, we learnt that the company I worked for remotely stole access to people’s computers and caused them to crash, forcing them to come to us and get it repaired. Sometimes the customers figured it out on their own but some, especially elderly people, were duped out of their money. Many of us Bhutanese found this job of lying extensively hard and started making complaints back home.

Working in a call center was taxing. Our pays were based on the sales we made. Each night we had to call over 300 numbers. Making even one sale was difficult. Some customers were rude while others asked us to call them later, only to not answer. For someone who’d lived in a small village, Delhi was a whole new world for me. My friends and I would get scared to talk to people or go grocery shopping alone. Some were kind but many used harsh tones that we were not used to. I started keeping to myself. The weather and pollution added to my misery. All of this combined, I jumped at the chance when our government decided to call us back home. I did learn a lot there. I’m now more tech-savvy after months at the call center. But it’s good to be back home.”

Humans of Thimphu is happy to announce that the HoT podcast has been uploaded at https://www.humansofthimphu.com/podcast. On our first episode we have Sadon Lhamo, an actor who is a flight attendant and also the social media manager for the happiest page on social media. We also have a conservation with BBS. Enjoy Listening!


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