“I made some of my best memories as a child. As a third born in a family of 5 kids, my siblings and I’d end our day in playful games. My favourite was the Kuku (hide and seek): The rules were simple— one of us was assigned as the killer who had to hunt down the rest of the participants in hiding. It was especially fun in the evening when we’d turn the light off in our house and in the pursuit of the participants, the hunter could end up more scared than the rest.

When I got transferred through many schools, I made a lot of friends and it even taught me to get along with my new classmates. In my 10th grade, I took a huge interest in chess and even stood 2nd at a Thromde level competition. This boosted my morale and I hoped to participate in more such competitions. However, with COVID there weren’t any such events. Soon, I completed my 10th and got promoted to Motithang HSS. On my first day, I didn’t have any friends. It’d have been tough to adapt to a new environment so soon if it wasn’t for a friend I made. She was sweet and humble, and we got along pretty well. To be honest, I still miss my old school at Changangkha where we had a wonderful but peaceful surrounding. It was also popular for being a zero-waste school.

In 2020, one of my friends introduced me to baseball. I had only heard and seen baseball from watching the cartoon, Doraemon. Funny enough, I thought that baseball was not real and only exists in the cartoon. After making it to the Bhutan Baseball and softball association team, I got to learn alot about it. Further, I’m proud to be a member of BBSA and grateful to my family and friends for their support— and to my coaches who guided us.

If baseball ever becomes huge in the future, I hope to play for the country. As a girl, I’m often discouraged from playing any kinds of sports. However, I love baseball. It has helped me make new friends through interactions with different people and build self-confidence. Baseball is fun and full of excitement, and in each match, something new happens. Currently, I’m a 12th grader waiting to appear for my board exams soon. I will give it my best shot.”

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