Tenzin Dolkar

“I came to Switzerland to pursue a Degree in hospitality and tourism management. My mother was constructing a hotel & I believed if I was equipped with the right knowledge, it would help once the hotel opened.
Initially, I planned to take MBBS, which was my late father’s wish. I ventured towards Colombo, Sri Lanka but the college shut down due to the 9 months of strikes. That was a really long time for me since I’d already taken a year off when my father was sick. I came back to help my mother who was managing business and construction. We did a lot of things including running one of the oldest handicrafts shops in Thimphu. We knew a lot of travel agents, thus promoting the upcoming hotel became easy. At this time, I learned the value of time, money, and hard work. I also did an internship in Zurich as a guest ambassador, working partly at the front office and at times at the service desk allowing me to undertake flexible roles.
In 2020 I came back home as the hotel was ready. But then the pandemic hit. I realized that during the lockdown, operating a takeaway meal service seemed interesting. Since I have Tibetan origins, I was curious to sell Tibetan food. The reception of the hotel was turned into a cafe. People loved our food despite only having vegetarian and vegan items. We wanted to make vegetarian food as good as any meat dish so that people will consume more plant-based healthy food. Our weekly menu allowed our chefs to be innovative in their creations. We believe that the food should be worth the money our customers pay. We also have a spa, gym and events held in the hotel.
Youth have a harder time adjusting to change and when things don’t go well, we blame our luck. But I appreciate every struggle I’ve been through as that’s what got me here. Don’t beat yourself down with failures, as long as you’ve got a passion, it will work out. I aspire to integrate everything I’ve learned to provide customers with something valuable. Digital transformation is important for businesses and I want to improve the traditional marketing methods of Bhutan.”


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