“Yo guys, this is your host Mr. Ten Wangyel back again with another video.” That’s the intro-sentence I’ve been using for the videos on my YouTube channel. I know that I lack in many aspects to be a youtuber. But once I set my mind to it, I hardly had any second thoughts. I hardly wonder, “Will my videos get lots of views and likes?”, “Will the number of dislikes exceed my like button count?”. I started YouTube because I wanted to give it a try. I am quite proud of the content I have so far. I feel that the effort I put in are portrayed by the content my channel has.

I am a quiet person. My entire life, I have been unable to converse freely with people I do not know very well. Once I do get close to someone, I share my thoughts and emotions with them. But not being able to converse outside of my close circle has held me back most of my life. I am trying to get over that through YouTube. When I make videos, it is just my camera and me and I am able to practice my speaking skills. I also have the freedom to cut out the stammers and create the final draft.

For now, I mainly post reaction videos. I make them in a corner of my college dorm room. This new venture has made my life fun. In the days to come, I want to make vlogs. I want to go out into the streets, do different kinds of activities and build my self esteem! I hope to see more and more views, likes and subscribes, not because I want to measure my worth by them but because each of these motivates me to do better and be better. Do not wait for the right time to start on your passion, the very moment you start will be the right time.”


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