“Growing up, the main movie influences in Bhutan were from the Indian Film industry. Somehow, as a young boy I told myself that one day I will work in their movies as an actor. This dream however didn’t happen for a long time. Many years later, I found myself working as a Production Manager in a number of Bhutanese movies.

In 2014, I travelled back and forth to Mumbai and studied the environment there to set up a new career. I cannot be at all in my right mind and often questioned how this would all work out. A Bhutanese to pursue acting in an Indian Film industry was completely against the status quo and the fear that I wouldn’t make it, swiftly brought me back home in a few months.

In 2017, I finally packed my bags and went back to pursue my lifelong dream. Even if I should fail this time I could relish on the fact that I tried my best and didn’t give up. My Wife was my biggest supporter who came along with me to Mumbai. While I looked for an acting career, giving one audition after another, she worked in a hotel and paid our bills.

Few months later, after many auditions and meeting with people who could help, I finally managed to get some work. I did some ad commercials and even worked alongside Akshay Kumar in a bike ad. With no prior acting career, I found very small roles which were mainly due to my looks. I was casted a few times in the role of Chinese nationals though often the category we were assigned during castings was as North Eastern people. I was struggling to make ends meet and the roles I got for the movies were often very small. I even shared a screen with Sanjay Dutt in his movie for a brief role.

My biggest breakthrough came with the movie URI-the surgical strike. Initially I was casted for a small role but later the role was made much longer which was my longest screen time in a movie so far. We were trained like Armies and taught to use weapons in a training Academy in Mumbai. The shooting location wasn’t revealed until the end and to my surprise, it was shot for 2 months in Serbia. I was over the moon with excitement to be working with other actors and being the only Bhutanese made me more proud as I was representing my country. The movie was declared a blockbuster of the year and went to win many awards including a number of National Awards. Later on I got a role in a South Indian movie and currently, I am working on a web series.

The pandemic has led to the closure of the whole film industry and I am here in Bhutan till things are back to normal.

I am 36. The career path I chose wasn’t easy and often made me question if I could ever make it big. Acting is a tough job and in my case, it was even harder as my language proficiency is not perfect for the roles I play. I always thought I was extremely lucky to have come so far however without hardwork and perseverance, nothing is possible.”


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