“I was enrolled in school only at the age of 8. I always got caught up in mischievous activities. Evidently, I wasn’t good at studies and often ended up cheating in my exams. I had many difficulties but with considerations from my teachers, I somehow made it through the years.

The turning point of my life was when I changed schools after class 9. The teachers at my new school put in extra hours and gave me numerous opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities. They provided me space to grow. Gradually I began to change how I viewed education. I began to understand how important of a tool education is in this modern world. I worked hard and was happy with my grade 10 results. Although my marks were not good enough to get me into the Science stream and my mathematics was weak to get into Commerce, I went for the Arts stream and my family was supportive of it. This was good for me as my grades gradually improved. I even got the opportunity to serve as a leader in high school. It was a new experience and it gave me a lot. I served with full dedication. At the end, I was awarded the “Captain of the year” award and this made me very happy. My teachers in High School made a huge impact in my life and I am always grateful to them.

I performed well in class 12 board examinations and got the opportunity to go to college. I was very excited about college from everything I had heard from my seniors. With all the new experiences and fun that I had, it felt like an instant before I was in my final year and about to graduate. I served as a leader in college as well and always gave my best to fulfil my duties. The college management and RUB also gave me the opportunity to go abroad and participate in a cultural exchange program. College gave me a lot of exposure and experience which is essential for life in general.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. When we are at the right time in the right place, things will happen for us. If at this moment, you are facing troubles and feel like things are not working out, I assure you that it will change. What may be difficult for us at the moment is a lesson for the future. Everything has a reason and a consequence, so I believe that we must always do the things we do with intent and care.”


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