“My apa’s mother passed away when he was 2 and his father remarried. He grew up with his uncle. Apa couldn’t complete studying because he fell ill. So he got a job and married my mother, who was a farmer. Ama lived in the village while nuchu and I grew up in Thimphu with apa. Apa had never felt love from his drunk father so he was good to us. One day, ama fell down the stairs and injured her back. She was in her early 30’s when she started stooping. After 6 months of immense pain and no proper treatment, she was sent to Kolkata. There we were told that if we’d come a bit late, her injury would be permanent. She got well after that and only recently has started complaining of some pain again.

I dreamt of becoming a doctor in boarding school but later built an interest in International Relations. I got ready for college with the paperwork and a scholarship to study the course. But apa got hit by an arrow and I couldn’t get myself to leave the country. So, I started thinking of business. I worked with others to get an insight. I started a carwash and then a homestay. I worked on projects to explore new ideas and did research projects on sustainable energy, products, and farming. Eventually, when the COVID era came, I established Bhutan Healthcare to produce masks locally. As entrepreneurs, we must always be aware of the social impact we have. At my start-up, all the employees are people who need this job. They’ve either lost their jobs during the pandemic or are graduates who need a platform to develop their skills. All of them are brilliant people who keep this company going. I’m also currently studying a diploma course with the London Institute of Business and Technology at BETA park.

Family is important to me. My parents always supported me and I feel that with a support system, anything is possible. I’m also currently in a relationship that’s helped me grow. She has kids who treat me like a father. They give me a sense of contentment that’s unparalleled. And my partner gives me immense support. I’ve made a promise to myself that at the end of the day, my family – my parents, siblings, her and the kids – will be the most important.”



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