“During my college days, my grades were consistent and were pretty good till 4th semester. In the 5th semester, I couldn’t perform well. I got distracted and couldn’t focus on my academics but I can say that it was worth it. Afterall, it was my final year and I made a lot of great memories and learned a lot of lessons. So, in my final semester I pulled up my socks and did what I could to get the best grades. I was happy with my result.

After graduation, I experienced what I would call “postgraduation trauma” as I applied to many jobs before the Preliminary Exam (PE) and wasn’t shortlisted in any of them. So, for me the Civil Service Examination was the only option left. I took coaching classes for PE and also an online class. However, from the two I would say online class was much more helpful. On the day of examination, I found the questions were tough, but my friends said they were easy compared to previous years. I was really lucky to make it through.

I was so anxious before my result came out I couldn’t sleep nor eat properly. Usually, I sleep at around 2 in the morning but on the night of 26th November I could sleep only at 8 am. I was so worried.

My cousin was also with me, he was also waiting for the result . As soon as it came out, my cousin came rushing with the news that both of us got through. I pretended that I was still asleep and he went out of the room. Then I quickly checked my phone and saw my result. I was on cloud nine. Messages flowed in asking me about my result. I didn’t want to reply and decided I would respond to them only in the evening. Afterall, I was so sleepy. I went back to sleep and woke up at 3pm. Then I replied to all my messages. Overjoyed, I went to play futsal that night. I wouldn’t consider this as my happiest moment as it is too early. Afterall, I am not getting any job right now.
It is tough to get jobs these days but I hope that better days are yet to come.”


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