“My wife and I had a 21st century arranged marriage. People these days prefer to marry for love but my parents and her uncle said we would be a wonderful match. I was uncertain but agreed to meet her once. I went to her house and she made me tea. I felt uncomfortable and couldn’t even meet her eyes. She seemed nice but I would only get to know her fully after marriage and I did not feel any connection with her yet. But I wanted my parents to be happy and knew that they would only want what’s best for me. So after some thought, I agreed to get married.

We went to meet her parents to ask for her hand in marriage after which we chatted a few times on Facebook. We soon started seeing each other. After a few meetings, I started to like her. To my surprise, she had never dated anyone before me. But I have dated a few women in the past and some of her friends knew about it. They told her to leave me. But she didn’t listen to them.

I was in Phuentsholing for some work when her mother called me and told me that she was sick. She added that she was probably sick out of love. Our marriage was now fixed but for some reason, her mother seemed uncertain about it. In our culture, the bride’s mother has to fully agree to the marriage. I needed to convince her that her daughter would be well taken care of. After finally being able to convince her, she sent us on walks so that we get to know each other better. Eventually, we fell in love.

However, having our wedding was difficult as it was during the peak of COVID-19 and everything was restricted. We had to ask for a lot of permissions. I was excited and ready to get married but her mother kept suggesting that we do it next year or in a few years. She said that it would be good for her daughter too as she only just started working on her own. Eventually, we had the wedding but we could not have a grand ceremony like Southern Bhutanese people usually do.

After marriage, her parents wanted her to continue working in the civil service. I, however, wanted her to work with me. It has been more than 4 years since I started this Business; iSpot with Apple Solutions. It was tough to convince them at first but eventually, they agreed to it. My business has been running even better now that she is a part of my life. She works at the store and also helps me at work. She has been a bridge between me and my employees. They share with her the problems that they cannot share with me and we work together to solve them.
Things may not be perfect in the beginning but it will always be great at the end.”


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