“Independence day in our schools was one of those grand events where students partook in dances, march pasts & other activities. We’d be awake the whole night with excitement. Each school had a theme of their own. Ours consisted of a band where we only played the flute which made us stand out.

To adorn the national flag on our shoulder & represent the school as the captain was a feeling like no other. We celebrate the day to not just commemorate freedom but also a moment to remember the sacrifices our forefathers made for our country.

I’m from Darjeeling, the state most popularly known for it’s black tea. When we tell others where we’re from, people seem to judge us & assume that we’re not truly Indians. Though I’m of Nepali origin, I’m a proud Indian & my heart too is entirely Indian. We’re a country with a huge diversity, with different cultures, cuisines, caste & religions. With the word ‘India’, different images pop up in my mind; from the Himalaya mountains in the north, to the hot sandy beaches of the coastal regions & in the east, we’ve the fields of tea plantations. India is too vast to be understood in a single glance.

Since I am working in the hospitality industry, I believe that having a pleasant disposition is not just required for a job, but rather as a personality trait. Starting from our traditional greeting of ‘Namaste’ with folded hands which means we treat everyone with humility & as an equal. Even while working in a different country, I talk about our culture and history and it fills me with pride while doing so. There are those who do criticise India but there are so many things people can learn from India.

Since the pandemic, all travelling has been banned so, I’ve been here in Bhutan for a while. But if I were asked to choose a place to be in, at the moment, I’d have still chosen Bhutan though I do miss home & my family. I’ve been working here for 2 & a half years. Independence day for those of us away from home seems more special in a certain way despite the distance. This shows the depth of patriotism & love for one’s country. Being Indian for me is loving your country during the good times & the bad as well.”
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