Suk Rani

“I work as a cleaner at the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital. I got this job after my ex-husband and I separated. I’m from Sarpang. There were many kids in my family and I was the youngest. My brother was the only one of us who went to school. He, too, dropped out after class 3. By the time I was of school-going age, all my sisters had married and gone away. I dreamed of becoming a lawyer, but I looked after the cattle and never went to school.

At 18, I married my ex-husband, and we moved to Tala. He worked on the hydropower project. A year later we had a son who was born with much difficulty. I had to be referred to Thimphu after complications at the Gedu hospital. I don’t remember much, but I delivered him naturally. I almost didn’t make it. But he is in class 10 currently doing his board exams. My ex-husband and I are no longer in touch, but my son speaks to him sometimes. I live with my cousin here.

Life is not great as a low-wage earner, but it is good enough to get by. Not having had any education or a job before, I feel good earning my own money. I wish I could do a better job but I don’t have the skills needed. We do 2-week shifts of 12 hours a day at the hospital. I did a COVID test yesterday to go back to work tomorrow after having spent the last 2 weeks at home. We wear partial PPE when at work with N95 masks and gumboots. They give us a place to sleep and good food during our shifts. We also get regularly tested for the virus.

I didn’t go to school, so I learned about my sexual health from other sources.  My sisters weren’t around so the women in my neighborhood taught me all about periods and personal hygiene.

My mother passed away around 7 months ago. I don’t even remember my father. He died when I was just 21 days old. I don’t have an overwhelmingly happy moment in my life but living with my sister and being healthy makes me happy. 

I am interested in studying and learning, but I no longer have the time. I wish to do business in the future. But my biggest dream is that if I’m ever able to earn good money, I want to help the poor and disadvantaged.”

Humans of Thimphu with RENEW celebrates the women who are heroes of their own stories and women who face difficult trials and tribulations in life. #SheDecides and no one can stop her!

Day 6 to countdown for International Women’s Day! 

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