“A well behaved kid who always topped his class, I developed a keen interest in playing drums when I was in class 5. I started learning at church on Sundays. We didn’t have a drum kit at home so on weekdays, I practiced using two bottles in my classroom during breaks. In my new school one day, I saw the school band practising in a small classroom. I went in to watch them practice. One of the seniors told me I could play one song for them. When I was done, he said I could play drums with them the next time. Along with playing in the high school band, I focused on my studies. After class 12, my dad bought me a guitar and my mom bought me my first Maxtone Double Pedal. I also got a college scholarship to study Electronics and Communication Engineering in India.

During my fresher’s night in college, a few seniors saw me perform and invited me to join their band. The band was called Elvish Mirage. We participated competitively in competitions throughout my time there. After graduating, I appeared for the preliminary exams for the RCSC but there were zero slots for my course during the main exam. I was disheartened but knew I could play music even if there was no job for me. Though I was officially unemployed, I would earn around Nu.18000 per month playing drums with various bands at Mojo Park. After doing this for two years, I was selected as an electronic teacher in Thailand. I worked there for almost four years. In those years, I made drum cover videos and learnt video and audio editing skills. On returning to the country, I taught science at Pelkhil school while continuing to play with my band ‘Sixth Sense Revival’ during the weekends. I am now a teacher at Utpal Academy and am learning more about music, consistently.

The young people these days are very talented but often lack determination and consistency. It is important to study hard but also give time to your hobbies and interests. I hope that the parents of talented children recognise their interests and support them in every phase of their life.”


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