“I spend most of my time making oil when there are orders, and in my frew time, I work on the farm. I’m 22 years old and I am an entrepreneur and a farmer.

My journey has been blessedly free of major challenges as the youngest in the family, I was treated like a princess. The only challenge I faced during my childhood was the absence of a sister with whom I could share my personal matters.

I completed my high school in 2019 and I decided to not continue my studies after high school. Financial stability was not a problem, for I had four brothers who encouraged me to pursue further education. After high school, I could do nothing for an year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It came in between my plans to participate in training programs as my interest was in bakery. I developed a passion for baking and learned from online tutorials on YouTube and opened a café in Pangbesa, which I operated for a year.

My journey took a new turn when my brother went to Australia and recommended that I run an oil factory. I stopped the café operations to learn the ins and outs of operating machinery and equipments about the oil production.

After two months of training, I successfully managed the factory on my own. Currently the factory specializes only in producing mustard oil due to its easy availability of mustered seeds in Bhutan.

I decided to install a mustard oil processing machine to create vegetable oil using the abundant raw materials available within our nation. My decision was also driven by my deep empathy for the challenges faced by fellow farmers as they lack the market for mustard seeds.

Right now, my challenges are getting enough raw materials and also the middleman makes them expensive. This result in the increase in the price of my product, making it hard to compete with imported oils.

To fund the purchase of machinery and establish the factory, I sought a loan from the Bank of Bhutan (BOB). Asking for a loan as a young entrepreneur with limited experience was not an easy job but the constant proposal and assistance from the Bank lead to the approval.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to transport the machinery to our location making it possible for the production. I am deeply grateful to the Bank of Bhutan for believing in me and providing the loan because of which my efforts came into success.

I’m hopeful the market will grow in the future. I’m determined to work hard and take my product to a bigger audience.

To everyone out there starting their own journey, I want to say this: work hard, follow your passions, believe in yourself, and you can achieve anything.”


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