“I started learning guitar from my uncle when I was in fifth grade. I wasn’t as interested in studies as I was in playing the guitar and singing. The first song I ever played was Avril Lavigne’s version of “Knockin’ on heaven’s door”. To this day, she remains my idol. Poetry has also made a space in my heart ever since the day I did the recitation of ‘The Caterpillar’ by Christina Rosseti in pre-primary, which kickstarted my writing journey.
When it comes to music, I enjoy country, blues, metal, and jazz. I also like traditional Bhutanese music genres like boedra and zhungdra. It’s an odd preference for youth these days but my love for language & literature helps me appreciate the poetic verses in these songs. It’s often said that songs are simply poetry with music, and being a poetry enthusiast, I love traditional songs which carry more depth and meaning than contemporary ones. Naturally, I grew up dreaming of becoming a singer. But many girls at the time did not take singing as a career. Today, women are opting for this profession and it’s good to know times are changing. I post cover songs on social media and people compliment me. They say I have the potential to produce songs of my own and this motivates me to work harder.

After my degree, I plan to do my honors study as well. My father’s support drives me to believe in myself more. I will probably do the RCSC exams then and look for a job. I have a great passion for music but I cannot pay bills with it yet. I’d prefer to get a job as a college lecturer or an educator in the field of literature. I’m determined to go with the flow and enjoy it, no matter what. However, music will remain a passion regardless of the career I pursue.

A personal wish of mine is that our traditional music gets more importance. I hope that we can promote it and keep it thriving. I would love to see artists producing original music based on our traditional concepts. As for me, I’m hoping to soon come up with some original music as well.”
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