“I used to sing before I even started school. My mother once recorded me singing ‘charo, charo’. She’d always play the video and marvel at my voice. I soaked in her praise and continued singing, gradually improving my vocal skills. Living in Thimphu, I got a few opportunities. My debut song came out, followed by a song that became pretty huge – ‘Gang Ghi Khaw’. When my songs received overwhelming love from people, I felt like music really must be for me. I used to sing with my friends, but as we went to different schools and my voice changed with puberty, I decided to go solo. I didn’t have proper musical guidance. When I started as an amateur singing with co-artists, we’d often sing on the same scale and our voices would be indistinguishable. But even with the lack of a proper platform, my parents were always supportive. And that’s how I’ve made it this far.

As a musician, I’ve had a few highlights. One is having a song featured in a film by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche, and performing at a private screening for the film in Delhi. I also received invitations to places like New York. But I was in school and didn’t go. Now that I’ve finished high school, the pandemic has made opportunities like that scarce. I sometimes wish I’d taken them when they’d come. But I know why I didn’t. A musical career has limited scope here. I’m always trying to find new ways to sustain myself as a musician.

We have immense musical talent here, we just need to be more creative. There are so many competitive, driven, and unique new artists. My style of songwriting and singing is also different. It all depends on our sources of inspiration. There are struggles such as copyright infringements. But a career in what you love is worth it. I advise all aspiring artists to have determination if they truly want to make this their career.

We all need support, and the audience is immensely important to artists like me. I am so grateful for everyone who has supported me and loved my music, within Bhutan and around the world.”

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