Sonam Tolly

“In this ongoing lockdown, I am learning some video-editing software and simultaneously working on the social media account for Desup Skilling Program. My father started the Lhawang Driden Incense business that my brother is currently operating. I was running my brother’s travel agency with my sister-in-law when the pandemic started and put a halt to the business. I realized that the clients’ satisfaction plays an important role in tourism, so I used to make videos of them to appreciate the value that they bring to the company and our country.

When the pandemic first set in Bhutan, I decided it was a good idea to enroll in the Desuung program to serve my country. I trained in Tendu for the 41st batch and did my first duty in Motithang for about a month. After the lockdown in 2020 was lifted, I got interested in video editing and learnt more about it myself. This also served as a backup plan since tourism is still suspended in Bhutan. My brother suggested that I put to practical use what I had been learning and practicing at home. My first official project was with ‘Samuh’ where I was allowed to make two music videos and Yangtsi gi Azhi did quite well. I worked with other companies as well. I made documentaries and MVs for different platforms (including my own channel). I also have modeling experiences from when Lara Dutta visited Bhutan in 2006.

I get satisfaction making videos and it intrigues me. I want to expand into filmmaking and lockdown is the perfect time to explore different fields. I established myself as a videographer, and because of my academic background in IT, I am planning on expanding into web development (including logo designing). My advice to business owners is to have a backup plan in case your original idea fails! I am glad that I am passionate about my current career trajectory which is the perfect Plan-B for my deviation from Tourism.”

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